In a perfect world, everyone would have access to private yoga sessions: a convenient time and place with a compassionate, observant, and skilled teacher coaching you through movement, breathing, guided meditation, and deep relaxation.

For beginners or experienced students, private sessions offer more personal attention than is possible in a group class.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Beginners and returnees. Private sessions are a great way for beginners to learn basic poses and alignment principles, and to address individual concerns in a custom session or series of sessions. If it’s been a while since you last practiced yoga, private sessions can help you learn what kind of practice is appropriate now.
  • Those healing from injuries or other limitations. The Anusara principles of alignment work well with your physical therapy, and engaging your muscles skillfully helps you stay safe in your practice.
  • Privacy, convenience, and motivation. If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to attend public classes, you can benefit from regular private sessions at your home or another location. If you need motivation to practice at home, a regular appointment with Kit will keep you on track.
  • Are you ready for lifestyle changes? Kit can prepare a guided hypnotic meditation with which to finish your yoga session. Kit is a certified hypnotherapist experienced in sleep issues, weight control, digestive improvement, and much more.
  • Arthritis. Are you hunting for complementary therapy for a chronic condition such as arthritis? Private sessions can help normalize your body by easing pain, renewing energy, and establishing calm and healthy breathing patterns.

What to Expect

A private session with Kit begins with a look at your situation and desires. Together you will create a plan of action. The session will include asana (yoga postures), guided meditation, pranayama (breathing exercise), and hands-on adjustments as needed. You will receive a plan for continuing your practice, whether at home or in group classes.


~ Single 60-minute private session: $80
~ Series of three 60-minute private sessions: $220
~ Series of six or more private sessions: $70 each

Your sessions can be weekly, twice a month, or monthly. Depending on your needs, you may be joined by a friend or family member at no additional cost.

Need more encouragement?

The personal attention in a private lesson helps you get to where you want to be, efficiently and privately. Your yoga practice and your health gain momentum from focused individual instruction.

Every challenge can be seen as an invitation to learn to treat ourselves more lovingly. Learning new skills and attitudes brings more joy and ease into our lives and our bodies. Experiencing more freedom within, we contribute more brightness and goodness to our part of the world.

Yoga with Kit is not meant to diagnose medical conditions or replace professional health care. If you have medical issues, please consult a medical professional before beginning a new yoga practice.