I cannot express how beneficial, healing, and grounding you and the class are for me.
~ Mary Unser

I have taken yoga classes with Kit Muehlman for over five years. Her practice presents challenges, yet always keeps in mind the realities of her student’s age and abilities. She combines insightful and thought-provoking commentary through readings, uses music beautifully to emphasize relaxation throughout her sessions, and constant, individual attention to poses as she moves through the room to suggest, touch, and demonstrate. Kit is a seeker in her own practice, bringing her new insights back to her students. She is one of the finest practitioners of teaching yoga that I know.
~ Christine Wardenburg-Skinner

I don’t feel like a broken person anymore.
~ S. B.

Two years of yoga practice with Kit has given me a new relationship with mind and body. Balance and strength gives me the tools to welcome each day. Kit is dedicated to the yoga way of life on and off the mat. Just can’t imagine my life without Kit and Anusara yoga.
~ Linda Henderson

The early morning yoga classes with Kit are an energizing way to start the day. What is good, for me, is the succession of positions which guide one easily and gently into poses which are an ‘accomplishment’ to find oneself in, and so encouraging for the spirit and sense of self. What I tell anyone who asks why I practice yoga is that it makes me feel as if I am no longer growing ‘old.’
~ S. C.

I have been with Kit for over eight years. She has helped me with my flexibility and balance. She teaches the philosophy of yoga which enhances her classes, and I leave feeling uplifted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I remember when I was a beginner, she would say “Open your heart,” not “Stick out your chest.” I knew she was the teacher for me!
~ Barbara Corrigan

I was looking for an Anusara-trained yoga instructor, and Kit is great! She works with each student in the class at their level, and never pushes anyone beyond their ability. That’s not to say that her classes are not challenging! Kit is a warm and loving yoga teacher, and that comes through in her classes.
Kit’s class supplements my daily home practice. I need yoga community in my life at least weekly to be inspired to practice effectively at home.
–Pat Knox

Kit teaches her yoga classes with a wonderful combination of kindness and humor. She pays attention to each person in the class, and accommodates any particular challenges they may have without sacrificing the flow of the entire class. Since beginning with Kit, I can tell that I’ve become more flexible, even as I age. Her classes are a great respite from the sometimes difficult demands of life. I highly recommend her classes to anyone.
~ T.L.

When I first started attending Kit’s classes five years ago, my goal was to become stronger, more flexible and agile. However, over time, based on Kit’s yoga philosophy and approach, yoga has taken me to a higher level of awareness and added meaning to my life. Thanks to Kit, at the end of every class I feel a sense of tranquility, well-being, and gratitude. Thanks, Kit, for your generosity and kindness.
~ S.H.

It is with gratitude beyond measure that I thank you for your guidance in my yoga practice over the last 12 years. You have shown me the light, and a way out of a darkness I thought I could not endure. I endured, became a change agent with a healing outlook, and turned around a miserable scenario. That achievement changed many lives for the better and filled me with accomplishment.
Yoga is not only a mind, heart and body practice, but one of self respect, love and confidence!
You are a bright shining start in my life that showed me the way more than you know! Yoga continues to bring me joy and strength into the bliss of retirement.
~ Jane S

The gratitude, generosity, and devotion of the people who come to my classes inspire me to keep learning and teaching.
I love to see yoga and meditation make such a positive difference in people’s lives.
~ Kit