Kit Muehlman: artist, mother, super-granny, yogini, meditator, hypnotherapist, teacher, seeker.

Every yoga teacher wants to share the practice that changed her or his life, but the best yoga class is not the experience of the teacher. The best yoga class is a compassionate conversation with oneself, discovering strength, shedding pain, and finding the motivation to refine the self at all levels.

I showed up on the mat in 1989 with early arthritis and wobbly self-confidence. My first teacher was (is) a charismatic woman who taught Buddhist philosophy right along with the physical practice. Class night was Tuesday night, and it was the only night of the week I didn’t need a couple of glasses of wine to relax and let go. Yoga helped save my sanity, AND I found an exercise that involved plenty of sitting on the floor. My menstrual cycle became regular for the first time in my life, and I always felt better after class than before.

I started teaching yoga in 2000, and around 2004, I found Anusara Yoga. The teachings and the world community of Anusara Yoga carried me through a magic door to a transformational practice. I am grateful to all my teachers, including dunja lingwood, John Friend, Paul Mueller-Ortega, Alexis Britton, Denise Benitez, Elizabeth Rainey, Jim Patterson, Patricia Poppe, Brent Kuecker, Sarah McLean, and Doug Keller.

My classes offer practical instruction, language that speaks to the body, and teachings in yoga philosophy. I think the best yoga class is a compassionate encounter with yourself, and I plan my classes to provide spaces for that encounter to happen.

I’m a Registered Yoga Instructor, RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance, and I’ve trained extensively in the Anusara Yoga method. I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and I hold a certificate in Thai Massage. I’m working on my Certification to be a Meditation Teacher.

In my former life, I earned a B.A. from Vanderbilt University (in Anthropology!), and made pottery at Pleasant Ridge Pottery for 25 years. I taught elementary art through the Museum of Northwest Art. Currently, I guide art teachers and museum docents in Visual Thinking Strategy. I love paddleboarding in Bellingham Bay and taking care of my toddler grandson.